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As a management consultancy firm specialising in the hotel and tourism trade, we look back on over 16 years’ experience planning and executing the development and revitalisation of hotel properties. We advise investors, project developers and finance houses as well as hotel chains, corporations and private hotels.

Services :
  • Project development
  • Project realisation
  • Construction or reconstruction of hotel properties
  • Financing and Advisory services
  • Rating, Basel II; and preparations for external or bank ratings
  • Business management, crisis management and interim management, Redevelopment
  • Executive Search

From the choice of location to financing

Coordination and linking up of market and demand, concept and application 

During the project development phase, Arma Consulting will advise on everything from choice of location to financing and answers the following crucial questions:
  • Evaluation of the location
    Is the site suitable for a hotel?
  • Market research 
    Will the market situation support a hotel in this location?
  • Concept development
    What type of hotel – category, size, additional facilities – can be successful in the given location, taking into account the market conditions?
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
    Under what conditions will a planned hotel in a particular market be profitable on an ongoing basis?
  • Calculation of return on investment
    Are the predicted operating profits going to be sufficient to service the invested capital in the long term?

From the planning stage to the opening of an hotel

Coordination and cross-linking of investment and profitability, marketing and operation
During the project implementation phase, ARMA Consulting will consult on everything from planning to the search for a qualified hotel operating company - right up to the actual opening the hotel, if required - and answers the following crucial questions:
  • Room and function programmes
    What types and sizes of guestrooms, what functions and connections between functions need the architects and other special professionals to include in the plan?
  • Estimating the investment costs
    What funds will need to be raised in order to convert the concept into reality? Are the estimated levels of investment per room in line with the benchmark figures for the hotel category aimed for?
  • Planning advice and support during the construction phase
    Will the planned hotel meet the guests’ expectations? Will the economic objectives be guaranteed? Does the functionality ensure the optimum use of staff?
  • Search for investors or operators
    Which investor and/or operator portfolios would the planned hotel fit best and vice versa? How should one go about finding the best possible partners? The contacts we have built up with financiers and hotel operators over the decades can simplify and speed up discussions on these matters enormously.
Analysis of projects and existing properties
Surveys for property-owners, banks and potential investors
On one hand, surveys are required as the foundation for the scrutiny, financing and marketing of hotel projects; on the other hand, they serve as base for the revitalisation or sale of existing hotel properties. When carrying out these surveys, ARMA Consulting will give detailed answers to the following questions: 
  • As-is Analysis
    Where does the hotel stand today? Strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats of hotel operation and real estate are identified and evaluated.
  • Calculation of profitability
    On the basis of a detailed analysis which takes into account the general conditions in the market, what results can the hotel operation in question expect to achieve over the next five to ten years?
  • Capitalised value of potential earnings
    What is the sale value of an actual hotel property footing on the annual profits achievable in the long term?
  • Determination of rent / lease 
    What rent / lease can be earned in the long term by the hotel under examination? The profitability of the investment is ascertained on the basis of the economic viability study, taking into account the contractual conditions obtainable in the marketplace.
  • To find out ‘Market Value’ of Hotel properties

How to finance your hotel

Capital needs and capital raising
ARMA Consulting helps companies ascertain their capital needs and raise the necessary funds for investment in hotels. New ways of financing have been developed for medium-sized enterprises over the last few years. Capital providers expect transparency and a willingness on the part of hoteliers to embrace new financial instruments.

Our goal is to prepare our clients for this procedure and also for external or internal ratings. ARMA Consulting sees itself as intermediary between capital provider and owner or tenant of hotel properties.

Our team is experienced and has first-class contacts within the banking world. Our know-how and contacts form a solid groundwork for successful mediation.
Success can be scheduled
From Analysis to strategic planning and coaching
  • SWOT Analysis
    Evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of hotel property and real estate as well as of the market situation in general. Initial recommendations will be made for the elimination of weaknesses and exploitation of the potential.
  • Business planning 
    Our goal is to provide our customers with a plan that is easy to execute. We do this by meeting our clients on regular terms in order to plan the success of their business. The aim of the planningprocess is thus to achieve concrete goals.
  • Management-support and Coaching
    We provide long-term support for our clients in order to help them execute their business plan. Over the course of periodic meetings the achievement of the identified goals is pursued jointly.
  • External Controlling
    The analysis of monthly or quarterly accounting charts and management ratios is also part of our management support.

The stabilisation of ailing business

Step-by-step turnaround:

ARMA  Consulting  helps hotels that are going through a difficult phase to overcome their crisis, creating the conditions and calm needed to restore the viability of the business. 

  • Crisis management
    ARMA Consulting assists ailing hotel businesses from initial analysis of the financial situation via emergency and mid/long-term measures right through to the safeguarding of the business and turnaround phase.
  • Help with the re-scheduling of debts and financing
    We develop concepts for the rescheduling of debts and finance and conduct negotiations with banks. 
  • Management services right through to sale
    We implement plans for redevelopment, help in the search for investors and manage the business up to the point of sale.